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About Me

 I am a full-time Senior Computer Systems Engineer.

 My daily job requires me to design, install and administrate complex computer networks.

 Much of my day-to-day operations require me to secure networks and PCs and monitor intrusions and suspicious activity.

 I hold a number of advanced industry certifications for Microsoft NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 Systems; Cisco Networking; Computer Systems Security; and Web Site design, installation and hardening.



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Scott Fitzgerald Meyer

Someone once said “everyone has issues.”  Well, I have a bunch.  I’m deeply fanatical about some things — music, Ireland, my dogs, my wife.  I have a Renaissance-like mixing bowl of life experiences — I’ve been a writer, a reporter, a pizza delivery man, a bartender, a waiter, a sandwich-maker, a lawn service engineer, an ice cream vendor, a photography sales engineer, an IT consultant, a Computer and Network Systems Engineer, an IT Security expert and a moving man.  I’m a guitarist and have performed publicly.  I love video games, movies, books (on REAL paper!), kayaking, biking and hiking.  I dabble in photography, art, and song-writing.

I am me.

Ta se me.

Slan go leat.